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No matter how far your eyes may reach one is never too far from the eyes of suspicion be it for themselves or for others. 


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Big or small no venture is to be taken lightly and thus we provide undivided attention for all of our assignments as we diligently distribute our designated team to undertake the tasks at hand towards completion.

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Apex Intelligentia is an Private Investigation & Risk Assessment Company based in Kolkata with its National and International reach assisting and conducting in investigation / assessments / security guidance and coordination for over 22 years. We have a team of dedicated young individuals who are expert in their fields and are carefully instructed to conduct assignments which we pertain with precision all the while maintaining client confidentiality and assignment secrecy.

We love to connect and have a great chat over coffee or tea, which ever suits you the best. So get in touch with us by call / whatsapp / email given below or just leave us your message and we will get in touch with you soon.

No task is too small as with the smallest of holes the biggest of troubles seep in.

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Well after getting the reports for my assignment they have only made their works tougher as I have great exceptions for them henceforth I won't settle for anything less than perfect.
Radhika Sinha
CEO - Turnkey Solutions
I gave them an assignment which was professional and also had an in-depth personal agenda for which I wanted a team of professionals who would respect my privacy and standards which they did as were told.
Sandip Roy
CEO - Get Way Rides
Judging by their code of conduct I was highly impressed and I too am astonished that they were able to complete the assignment within 1 week which I tough would at-least take a month, a great team indeed with whom I look forward to work with soon.
Rajdeep Swami
CEO - Heart & Soul
Nothing much to say really, a great team to work with as I have been using their services for a long time now and they have helped me not only for my business growth but are also good advisers as well.
Shalini Agarwal
CEO - Saksha's Creations
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