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Employment Screening

A company without employees is like a pie without sugar. Employees play the major dynamic roles which drives the sales, production and at large the whole economy of the company, thus a company can make or break as per the set of employees it chooses to appoint.

Employees with criminal records or with past company rejections / details about his or her work flow may not be easily identified by the recruitment department and thus a through investigation is required to assess the extent an employee’s overall productivity.

Being in service for such a long time with international and national exposure we deliver as per the filtration needs of the company as we scan a detailed background information of each and every employee the company has hired or is wishing to hire, thereby providing quality support which supports the growth of the assigned company at large.

Client confidentiality is of utmost importance as we do not entertain third party interactions their by limiting the exposure of the assignment to limited numbers and in turn decreasing the chances of leaking unwanted information which might hamper the client or the ongoing investigation / assignment.

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